Slibinai (The Dracos)

5-7 January, 2024
Skalva Hotel, Nida

🌊 Slibinai (The Dracos) – not an ordinary Baltic beach expedition.

The survival trip in the vicious conditions on the very first weekend of the year.
Winter, wind, blizzard, snow, sand, sea washing the dunes – all these elements of nature attempt to break Dracos wills and souls.
Only a small group of Dracos manages to carry on the full route and finish.

From 2024 Slibinai manoeuvres its HQ to the new location – most beautiful piece land on Lithuania – small town Nida in Curonian Split. Slibinai is going to be full weekend experience hosted in Skalva Hotel.

🔁 ROUTES. There are two options:
🐲🐲 Slibinai path starts from the resort Nida to the South Pier of Klaipėda Port, and back [100 km].
🐲 Mini Slibinai takes a shorter route Nida – Juodkrantė nudist beach – Nida with 50 km to go. Still a hefty challenge.

Even the toughest riders are prone to look deep into the corners of their soul during Slibinai trip.


Friday – January 5th
17:00 – 19:00 Meeting Slibinai and packages handover (Skalva Hotel)
19:00 – 00:00 – dinner, Slibinai culture and entertainment time (Skalva Hotel)

Saturday – January 6th
07:50 – Meeting at Parnidis dune obersvation deck
08:00 – Start
xx:xx – Finish at Skalva Hotel
19:00 – Awards and afterparty (Skalva Hotel)

Saturday – January 7th
10:00 – Recovery ride (Skalva Hotel)

🍱 Feed zones are provided in: Juodkrantė nudist beach (25 km), South Pier (50 km)

🏘️ Accommodation + restaurant + Slibinai HQ: Skalva Hotel (registration to the hotel is not opened yet, it will be announced in our social media)

🎫 Registration:

Entry fee is 35 €. Registration is open till January 3rd.

Registration is currently closed.

This event currently has no participants