T&C and Privacy Policy

General event and participation rules

  1. By registering and paying the starting fee participants grant permission to participate in sports events organised by MB Verkiantis vilkas.
  2. By registering, participants acknowledge that he is familiar with event rules and description.
  3. A Participant is fully registered only when he takes both actions: fills registration form AND pays the entry fee.
  4. Registration should be done in www.kudos3000.com website. Information necessary for the registration: name, surname, gender, city, country, bicycle type, e-mail address, Strava profile link.
  5. Payments are done via bank-link or bank card payments.
  6. After registration form is filled and payment is done, during the 5 minutes period participants should receive email confirmation. 
  7. Registration is valid only for the person who is registered. Registration cannot be transferred to another person. This rule is not applicable for accommodation reservation, which can be transferred to another person after the organiser is informed in advance.
  8. When a non-registered person uses a registered person’s application and starts in the event, that “illegal” person can be disqualified from all organiser’s events for a year or more.
  9. Persons under 18 years old can participate in the event only with guardian and organiser permission. Guardians are obligated to supervise under 18 years old participants during the event.
  10. Starting fee and other advance payments are refundable if the event is cancelled in case of fault of the organiser. In this case all payments are refunded within 5 business days after the announcement of cancelation is made. 
  11. The entry can be revoked and starting fee will be refunded till the last Monday before the event. The participant should inform organiser via vamos@kudos3000.com Booking of the accommodation otherwise is not refundable, but it can be transferred to other persons by participants initiative.
  12. The Participant takes full responsibility for his actions and is obligated to compensate if damage was caused by his fault.
  13. The Participant is obligated to follow all essential safety measures: wear a helmet, use front/back lights on his bicycle, ride a bicycle and use its components in tidy condition.
  14. By registering, participants acknowledge their awareness of potential risks of this sport to their health. Participants confirm that their health condition is in good shape to attend the event.
  15. Participants are obligated to obey Lithuanian and other countries, where events take place, laws, traffic rules, common order, and etiquette.
  16. Company details: MB „Verkiantis vilkas”, company code 306704594, address Krivių g. 5-2, Vilnius, Lithuania. E-mail: vamos@kudos3000.com Website www.kudos3000.com Tel. nr. [8] 637 60468

Rules for the processing and use of personal data


1.1 Data controller – means MB “Verkiantis vilkas”, company code 306704594, address Krivių st. 5-2, Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania. Data about which legal entities of the Republic of Lithuania are collected and stored register. E-mail vamos@kudos3000.com Website address: https://www.kudos3000.com/

1.2 Personal data – any information relating to a natural person – a data subject whose identity is known or can be established directly or indirectly by means of data such as contact details, one or more personal, physical, physiological, economic, cultural or social nature of the traits.

1.3 Data subject – means a natural person from whom the Data Controller receives and processes personal data.

1.4 Employee – means a person who has entered into an employment or similar contract with the Data Controller and is appointed to process Personal Data by the decision of the Data Controller’s Manager or whose personal data is processed.

1.5 Recipient of data – a legal or natural person to whom personal data is provided.

1.6 Provision of data – disclosure of personal data by transfer or otherwise making them available (except for publication in the media).

1.7 Processing of Personal Data – means any action performed on Personal Data: collection, recording, storage, storage, classification, grouping, aggregation, modification (addition or correction), provision, publication, use, logical and / or arithmetic operations, retrieval, dissemination, destruction or other action or set of actions.

1.8 Automatic data processing – data processing operations performed in whole or in part by automatic means.

1.9 Data controller – a legal or natural person (who is not an employee of the data controller) who is authorized by the data controller to process personal data. The data controller and / or the procedure for its appointment may be established by laws or other legal acts.

1.10 Third party means a legal or natural person, other than the data subject, the controller, the processor and persons directly authorized by the controller or the processor to process the data.

1.11 Consent means a voluntary statement by the data subject of his or her will to process his or her personal data for a purpose known to him or her. Consent to the processing of sensitive personal data must be expressed in a clear, written, equivalent or other form that clearly demonstrates the will of the data subject.

1.12 Direct marketing is the activity of offering goods and services to individuals and / or seeking their opinion on the goods or services offered by post, telephone or other means.


2.1 These RULES FOR THE PROCESSING AND USE OF PERSONAL DATA (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) regulate the actions of the Data Controller and its employees in processing personal data, as well as establish the Data Subject’s rights, personal data protection enforcement measures and other issues related to personal data processing.

2.2 The Data Controller collects the personal data of the Data Subject, which he / she provides directly via the Data Controller’s website https://www.kudos3000.com/.

2.3 The Data Controller undertakes to use the information provided by the Data Subject exclusively for the purposes specified in these Rules, without the Data Subject’s consent not to disclose this information to any third parties, except the Data Controller’s partners establishing prizes or other services related to the Data Subject’s participation in the event.

2.4 The Data Controller may also transfer the personal data of the Data Subject to third parties acting on behalf of the Data Controller as Data Processors. Personal data may be provided only to those Data Processors with whom the Data Controller has signed the relevant agreements.

2.5 Purposes of the processing of personal data of the data subject:

      2.5.1 Execution and fulfilment of events organized by the Data Controller;

      2.5.2 For the purpose of electronic commerce (payment of event fee);

      2.5.3For direct marketing and event-related communication purposes.


3.1 By submitting his personal data to the Data Controller, the Data Subject confirms and agrees that the Data Controller shall manage and process the personal data of the Data Subject in accordance with these Rules, applicable laws and other regulatory enactments.

3.2 The personal data of the Data Subject shall be processed in a non-automatic and automatic manner using the technical and organizational means installed by the Data Controller.

3.3 Information collected by the data controller: Name, e-mail address, gender, city and country of residence, personal reference of the Strava profile or username.

3.4 Information on the Data Subject’s visit may be collected on the Data Controller’s website: IP address; date and time of visit; computer operating system and browser used; language settings, etc.

3.5 If the Data Subject uses a mobile device, information is collected on the type of mobile device, the settings of the device, as well as the geographical coordinates.

3.6 In performing their duties and processing the personal data of the Data Subject, the employees of the Data Controller shall observe the following principles:

3.6.1 The information provided by the Data Subject is collected, processed and stored only for a legitimate purpose and only for the data that is necessary for the administration of the services provided by the Data Controller.

3.6.2 When collecting and processing personal data, the Data Subject is not required to provide data that is not necessary for the administration of the Data Controller’s services.

3.6.3 The personal data of the Data Subject may be accessed only by those employees of the Data Controller who have been authorized by the Data Controller to provide the service.

3.6.4 Community staff shall not disclose the personal data of the Data Subject to third parties, except in cases provided for by law or if this is necessary for the provision of the intended services of the Data Controller.

3.6.5 Employees of the Data Controller shall follow the requirements of the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, the requirements of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania and these Rules when collecting, processing and storing data of the Data Subject.

3.7 The personal data of the data subject shall be stored for a maximum of one year, or for no longer than required by the purposes of data processing, laws and other legal acts.


4.1. The data manager’s website https://www.kudos3000.com/ uses data analysis management tools – cookies. Cookies are small amounts of data that a website places on the Data Subject’s computer. The main purpose of cookies is to remember the data subject’s choices and to optimize the accessibility of the website.

4.2 Cookies are used to collect statistical information about the traffic of the website or its individual parts and to identify the data subject’s device and facilitate the data subject’s access to the website and the information contained therein and ensure the smooth operation of the website. Cookies are not used to collect personal data.

4.3 The Data Subject has the possibility to accept or refuse the use of cookies on the Data Controller’s website https://www.kudos3000.com/, in which case the Data Controller cannot guarantee the quality of the browsing of the website.

4.4 The data subject can choose which cookies to allow / block by ticking / unchecking the appropriate column. By blocking cookies, for technical reasons, some parts of the website may not work or function properly for the Data Subject. The Data Subject may do so by visiting https://www.kudos3000.com/privacy-policy to find out more about the current list of cookies used on the Data Controller’s website or to configure the use of cookies.


5.1 The data subject has the right to:

        5.1.1 know (be informed) about the processing of your personal data;

        5.1.2 access to their personal data and how they are processed;

        5.1.3 require the rectification, destruction of your personal data or the suspension, except for storage, of the processing of your personal data where the data are processed in breach of the provisions of applicable legislation;

        5.1.4 not consent to the processing of the Data Subject’s personal data.

5.2 Personal data is collected, processed and used for direct marketing purposes in such a way as not to reveal the identity of the Data Subject.

5.3 When the Data Subject visits the Data Controller’s website and provides information about himself / herself to the Data Controller’s employees or Data Processors, it is considered that the Data Subject has read and agrees with the provisions of these Rules.

5.4 If the Data Subject does not agree with the Personal Data Processing Rules, the Data Subject has the right to suspend its Personal Data Processing Actions as specified in Section 5.1.4 of these Rules. points. However, in this case, the Data Subject will not be able to attend the event.

5.5 The Data Subject may also exercise all inquiries related to data protection and exercising its right to access, process or waive the processing of its data for direct marketing purposes by informing the Data Controller directly, by e-mail: vamos@kudos3000.com.


6.1 In order to ensure the protection of personal data, the Data Controller shall implement administrative, hardware and software protection measures for the protection of personal data and computer networks.

6.2 The registration system used by the Data Controller and the website https://www.kudos3000.com/ use the HTTPS protocol and the SSL certificate, therefore all personal data of the Data Subject are encrypted and protected from malicious actions and unauthorized access via computer networks.

6.3 Access to Personal Data is granted only to those Employees who need it for the implementation of their work functions. With the Personal Data, specific Employees may perform only those actions for which they are entitled to perform according to their positions and work functions.

6.4 Access to the Data Controller’s registration system is provided with unique passwords, the confidentiality of which is guaranteed.

6.5 The Data Controller ensures the security of the premises where the Personal Data is stored.

6.7 Testing of information systems is never performed with real Personal Data.


7.1 Supervision of compliance with the Rules for the processing of personal data and, if necessary, review, is entrusted to the Head of the Data Controller or his / her authorized person.

7.2 Additions or changes to the personal data processing rules are valid from the moment of their publication on the Data Controller’s website https://www.kudos3000.com/.

7.3 All disputes arising from the implementation of these Rules shall be settled by negotiations. If no agreement is reached, disputes shall be settled in accordance with the procedure established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.