6 july, 2024
Boardhouse Camp, Svencelė

⚔️ Legendary hardcore 80 km gravel race and the party. Yet it’s not clear which is more legendary – the race or the party. What we’re really 100% sure – there is only love and good vibes in the Velopeak500 air 🤗

Velopeak500 invites you to the one and only, one of its kind.

👨‍🔬 First, about the race. What is needed:
– Gravel, MTB, road or any other bike;
– Front/back light – race runs during the transition from evening to night;
-Navigation system: bike computer or smartphone. Track is marked well, still navigation might be useful in some cases;
-Tools for fixing flat tire. There will be Veloklinika technical support-car in the track, but if you want to save time – fix by yourself;
-Helmet and sober mind of course;
-Luck is also needed.

🚴‍♂️🚴🚴‍♀️ How does the RACE goes:
– Riders starts individuals every 30 seconds.
– There order determined by draw;
– Girls and complete newbies start in the beginning of the order;
– Drafting is allowed;
– There will be about 80% of gravel, sand, forest paths and the rest is tarmac.

👯‍♀️ How the PARTY goes:
– There are no limits;
– It happens that we meet sunrise;
– Velo-DJ’s at the turntables;
– At 10:00 AM there very nice tradition – we go to ride Čivilis euphoric recovery ride.

🍔 Other stuff:
– Restaurant and bar at the site;
– WC and shower;
– Bike wash;
– Accommodation options:
• Your campervan 20 eur + 5 eur person (at the reception)
• Tent 10 eur + 5 eur person (at the reception)
• Other:;


💸 REGISTRATION will be on the spot with cash.

💊 Don’t forget to dress and prepare for the race and the party. Hyper!

Registration will be on the spot.

This event currently has no participants