xxx, 2023


Pop-hot gravel/MTB race a.k.a. preparation for the season. 2 tracks, for 2 weeks each. Attempts – as many as you want, whenever you want.

9*-10-11 June, 2023
Klaipėda - X - Vilnius

Baika tour

Chill & light 380 km race on tarmac and gravel from Klaipėda to Vilnius with backpack and toothbrush.

8 liepos, 2023
Boardhouse Camp, Svencelė


Legendary & hardcore 80 km gravel race and the party. Yet it’s not clear what’s more legendary – the race or the party.

5 August, 2023

Betsafe Epic Gravel

Most competitive gravel race in Lithuania. 150 & 100 km routes for your taste and strength. Test yourself

Slibinai ekspedicija
5-7 January, 2024
Skalva Hotel, Nida

Slibinai (The Dracos)

Not your ordinary Baltic beach race. The survival in the vicious conditions on the very first weekend of the year.